FlowObjects Auditing & Monitoring

Monitor the critical facets of your Snowflake deployment to optimize performance
Evaluate objects that are eating up compute resources and driving up your costs
Benchmark your Snowflake deployment against other Snowflake execution times

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See Auditing & Monitoring in Action

In this recorded session FlowObjects does a deep dive on all the metrics captured by the Auditing & Monitoring analytics. Additionally, FlowObjects will demonstrate how the Access Control analytics can assist administrators to ensure that the correct grants are being manipulated to enable groups.

The Solution Architects will detail some of the architecture of the and how it get's deployed into your Snowflake environment. Register now to see the video.

"FlowObjects Auditing & Monitoring has really helped navigate where to make optimizations in our Snowflake deployments."
Rich Hathaway
Rich Hathaway Sr Director, Data Architecture

Your Snowflake Deployment at a Glance

The FlowObjects Auditing & Monitoring analytics provides a quick reference of where you can make optimizations to your Snowflake instance. This enables you to dial in Snowflake's performance ensuring maximum speed and efficiency. Each analytic can be filtered to pinpoint time windows that you're wanting to narrow. Analytics include: 

SnowObjects Performance-1
  1. Credit Usage Accumulation & Breakdown

    Track YTD Warehouse and SnowPipe credit accumulation month by month. Then see it broken down by the various Warehouses in the deployment

  2. Monthly Warehouse Usage & Variance

    See the delta between one month or another to validate the effectiveness of efficiency improvements or spikes in usage

  3. Storage Tracking

    Monitor the average daily storage by month for storage, regular, stage, and failsafe

  4. Warehouse Usage by Day of Week & Time of Day

    See the spikes and lulls in both your intra-week and intra-day Credit consumption.

  5. Single Run Stats

    See where the most credits are being used in a single run and how many credits it consumes. This enables you to prioritize your scrutiny and optimizations

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Warehouse Usage Details

Within the Warehouse Usage Details you can get highly informational analytics around:

  1. AVG Queries VS Credits Used

    Monitor the average number of queries vs the number of credits used in your deployment.

  2. Detailed List of Warehouses

    Get a list of all the Warehouses, their current size, their min/max cluster count, their auto suspend settings, and other useful details about ownership.

  3. Number of Jobs by Warehouse Daily

    See which warehouses are running the most workloads.

  4. Warehouse Credit Usage by Week and Time of Day

    See which days of the week are consuming the most credits, and what times in the day represent the most/least consumption.

  5. Query Count by Cluster

    Quickly identify the queries that are consuming multiple clusters.

SnowObjects Warehouses Monitoring

User Analytics

Understand the trends in your ecosystem of users running queries against Snowflake

SnowObjects User Statistics Dashboard
  1. User Statistics and Default Role Counts

    See how many active users you have and see where the distribution of those users roles live

  2. Month to Date Logins and Client Type Breakdown

    See how many total logins you've had, failed logins, and the average logins by user. Also see a ranked breakdown clients being used. 

  3. User Details

    Get a masked consolidated list of users that can provide details on locks, default rolls, and any default namespaces.

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Query Statistics

Get analytics about the queries being ran in your Snowflake deployment

  1. Query Counts and the Longest Running Command Types

    See the total number of queries for a given time range and how many query failed. Also see the average execution time per Query Type

  2. Average Execution Time by User & Query Type

    See the masked user names and their most common query types as well as the warehouse sizes and their average execution times

  3. Failed Query Details, and Month to Date Failed by User

    Get a detailed breakdown of Failed queries their error codes and what the query text was. Additional get a masked count of which users are submitting failed queries.

SnowObjects User Statistics

Access Control Sankey

Visualize how groups are connected to roles in Snowflake to enable surgical selection of the correct grants and revokes.

SnowObjects Governance
  1. Selectable list of existing Roles

    Toggle roles on and off to see their relationships

  2. Identify the Inheritance

    See which roles inherit to from each other to ensure grants and revokes are done at the right level

  3. User Details

    Get a masked consolidated list of users that can provide details on locks, default rolls, and any default namespaces.

FlowObjects Auditing and Monitoring

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