FlowObjects Access Control Master

The power of Snowflake is it's ability to scale without a fuss. No hardware, no performance degradation, no locking, and no storage limitations. No wonder why organizations are moving to Snowflake. However, there is a catch, Snowflake's unlimited data estate requires Administrators to adapt to an inheritance up model. The Access Control Master delivers an adaptation to this model to combine roles.

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See the Access Control Master in Action

In this recorded session FlowObjects does a deep dive on into the typical security architecture in Snowflake, and how the Access Control Master modifies this pattern to deliver the security inheritance that most organizations are accustomed to. Additionally, FlowObjects will demonstrate how the Access Control Master simplifies the management of your objects and roles.

"FlowObjects Access Control Master tames one of the most challenging barriers to broad Snowflake adoption."
Glenn Hillam
Glenn Hillam Sr Enterprise Architect

Base Access Control

The Base Access Control delivers a Master script that can restore tables, schemas, stored procedures, streams, shares, functions, snowpipes, to the correct ownership and access control.

Base Security
  1. Object Naming Conventions

    Defined best practice naming convention to enable downstream automation for each layer of the Snowflake environment

  2. Base Role Definitions

    Defined base roles customized to your development lifecycle which will be used in object creation and ownership

  3. Master Script

    Based on the Naming Conventions and Role Definitions, the master script lays down all the foundational security and structure.

  4. Master Script Extensibility 

    The Master Script provides a single location to add new databases and schemas which the master script will enforce the defined security. This also ensures the appropriate ownership of objects.

  5. Master Reset to Standards

    Master Script will automatically fix, tables, schemas, stored procedures, streams, shares, functions, snowpipes, etc to the correct ownership and access control.

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Advanced Access Control

All the features of Base Access Control plus added features to focus on the users of data. This provides granular access control for the users, while simplifying administration and the end user experience.

  1. Tie to External Definitions

    Advanced Access Control can integrate with multiple Identity Management Systems, HR Systems, and other identification sources all at once.

  2. Enabling the Creation of Granular Data Segments

    Create Access Controls for discrete data sets that are subject oriented called Subject Primitive Roles.

  3. Tie Data Segments to Users

    Allocate the data segments to users in either an automated or manual process. This allows external Identity Management solutions to drive data access.

  4. Create Specialized User Roles

    Specialized roles in Snowflake are created for each user's individual roles. These roles get assigned to the data segments defined which is called a User Synthetic Role. This acts as a proxy for the user enabling inheritance from Subject Primitive Roles.

  5. Automation of Associations

    With the Advanced Access Control in place the organization can deal with the ebbs and flows of employee promotions, hiring, role changes, and requests for access, via your current identity management solutions. This means that the business users can be the arbiters of who has access to the data.

Advanced Access Control

Advanced Access Control + Sensitive Data

Everything in Advanced Access Control plus the ability to mask sensitive data based on classifications at the table/column level.

Access Control + Sensitive Data
  1. Classify Sensitive Data in Snowflake

    Classify your sensitive data so that it is identified in your data estate.

  2. Apply Data Masking Policy for the Classification

    For each classification there will be a masking policy implemented, as well as a masking role.

  3. Associate Users to Masking Policies

    Tie the User Synthetic Roles to the Masking Primitive Roles which will allow defined users to see the data unmasked.


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Object Governance
Master Script

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Everything in Base
Granular User Access Control

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Advance + Sensitive Data

Snowflake Instance
Everything in Advanced
Data Masking

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