Maximize Snowflake's Potential

Snowflake has completely changed the definition of scale. But with this redefinition, new opportunities emerge. The goal of FlowObjects is to tackle these new opportunities with streamlined out of the box solutions.

Snowflake Auditing & Monitoring

Monitor the critical facets of your Snowflake deployment to optimize performance
Evaluate objects that are eating up compute resources and driving up your costs
Benchmark your Snowflake deployment against other Snowflake execution times

Snowflake Access Control Master

Get Snowflake to deliver roles the same way other applications present them
Assign parent/child relationships to objects, and allow roles to combine into groups.
Deliver combined roles to users.

Snowflake Excel Add-in

Connect Excel to Snowflake to deliver live refreshable spreadsheets
Orchestrate cascading queries through control sheets
Trigger refreshes for users passing parameters
Use native charts, graphs, functions, filters, in Excel

Snowflake Data Loader

Simple data loading that efficiently sorts and loads data to Snowflake
Easily injected into existing processes
Low cost method of delivering data into Snowflake